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April 19, 2013
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GLaDOS Headpiece Tutorial by ember-ablaze GLaDOS Headpiece Tutorial by ember-ablaze
Here is how I made my GLaDOS headpiece! It took me two evenings to make. (The paint coats took the longest!)

Disclaimer: This is how I personally made my headpiece. I don't claim this is the right or easiest way to make a piece like this! I was short on time and money. :D If I had to make this piece again, there are a lot of things I would change.

Estimated Cost of Materials in USD:
Styrofoam Circle: On sale for $8 (regular price: $16)
Black Paint: 1.99
White Paint: 1.99
Craft Foam (package): 4.99
Poster Board: 0.79
Sewing Pins (package): 1.99
Tea Light (Package of three): 1.00
Head Band: 1.99

Approx. cost: 22.74 (assuming you already have a hot glue gun)

Again, this headpiece is not as accurate as I would like, but I hope this tutorial gives you some ideas on how to make a headpiece of your own! I hope you get some good ideas from how I made mine!

- Ember :heart:


Costume accessory made by: ~ember-ablaze
Character: GLaDOS
Series: Portal 2
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This is awesome! I can't wait to make mine!
Thank you very much! Good luck with your project! :heart:
Puppylicks Sep 15, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
This is like the only GLaDOS headpiece tutorial in existence. Lol, but im very glad its up here i was going to cosplay as her and was having a heck of a time finding one! You saved me! <3 
That's exactly why I put it up! I had such a hard time finding out how to make a headpiece, I thought I'd let others know how I managed to throw mine together. :D

I'm so glad it helped you out! Glad I could be of assistance! :D Have a great time cosplaying GLaDOS!
le-Meep Aug 22, 2013  Student
wow thats awesome, did you make the dress as well?
Thanks very much! :D

And no, I didn't make the dress. I actually purchased it on Ebay. :)
le-Meep Aug 24, 2013  Student
This might be a cosplay faux pas, but would you mind telling me which one, its an awesome dress and i want it 0_0
I don't mind at all! :3

I just searched through my Ebay history and the listings, and it appears they've taken down the exact dress that I used. But, I found two that are extremely similar!

This one is short sleeved:…

And this one is long sleeved:…

(I actually wish they had the long sleeved one when I made my cosplay! Would've saved me the trouble of wearing yet another layer underneath that short-sleeved dress!)

Hope this helps! :heart:
le-Meep Sep 17, 2013  Student
thanks bunches!
Lying-With-The-Roses Jun 23, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Sorry for the other comment, just re-read it and I've figured it out myself. Thanks for the lovely tutorial
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